Centerpeace is a journey about discovering that space
between the inner and the outer world and creating Art
that fills that gap.

Sculpture in the garden has always been the connection
between nature and nurture...that place where objects
act as keys in opening up the void where peace can grow.

The materials used here are made of "Kottcrete", a
combination of Portland cement, perlite, peat moss,
sand and water. I make my own molds and hand-cast
each one. Many of the "peaces" are marked with a
"jk" chop for identification. I do garden design and
here are some examples of sculpture and its placement.
New to this page, midway through the scroll, are the
new combinations cast glass and cast concrete.
The blue moon" and the "blue bird of happiness"
surprise the senses with a marriage of mass
and transparency.

Additional information about these pieces (prices,
dimensions and availability) can be obtained by
e-mailing me at

Enjoy the scroll!
Jerry Kott

all artwork © jerry kott 2009