Khrysalis Light Sculpture is an extension of the bottle experiment. Khrysalis comes from the description of the visual you see when they are
lit and hanging. They have an organic quality
with a mystical illumination.

The Khrysalis series has evolved since it's conception. The Evolution has been around the types of bulbs being used. The original used an incandescent showcase bulb. Then came the
use of CFB which altered the original design.
The current evolution is the introduction of the LED bulb. The scroll stakes you through the stages.

The colors are somewhat limited and if you
look at the Bottleform page you can get a better idea of the range.

Jerry Kott

all artwork © jerry kott 2012

Occasionally the filament of
the bulb flutters subtlely, much like the fluttering of a butterfly about to leave the chrysalis, thus the name.
These hanging light sculptures are
an experiment in expressing what
thoughts may look like if we could record
that process of thinking in a quantum state.
The resin catches the light in a very unpredictable manner and glows with its own inner light. The resin is revitalized/salvaged material that would have ended up in a
landfill. The hanging lamps create the
illusion of particles caught in space and resemble the passion of moths attracted
to a light.The table lamps display the same character, yet the planes which make
up the shade project the illusion of
lightforms floating in space.

Khrysalis 2
with CFB

Each hanging light comes with a
14" swag cord and is 12.5" high x
3" diameter. It comes with a 5 inch
tubular compact fluorescent
bulb (CFB) that uses only 7 watts
to produce the same output of
lumens that a 40 watt
incandescent bulb would use.
Not to be used with dimmer switches.
This is a smaller version of the classic 3+ Stripe Khrysalis Light.

Khrysalis 3 with CFB

Khrysalis Table Lamp
sculpture/color block

The large d-light hanging lamp is approximately
20 " in length. The planes are multi-colored
translucent resin and the distressed aluminum
light source enclosure is 7" in length and is
4" in diameter. Each lamp has six hanging strings
of planes with seven planes on a string--which I call
"string theory". Each plane collects light and
gives the appearance of something floating
somewhere between dust particles in light and
moths dancing around a light. Above right-hand
photo is a detail. The large d-light is $750

Khrysalis Striped


Khrysalis Table Lamp
sculpture (CFB) shown above
in two-tone

Khrysalis Table Lamp
sculpture using compact fluorescent
bulbs (CFB).
Above is striped and is
13" high and has a 3" diameter.
Colors are as shown.

Kortex Series
Evolution of form juxtaposition using Philips LED bulb.
Clear $190
Frosted $250
18" height

Shipped with bulb



Kortex Series
with frosted bulb

Khrysalis LED Lamps
Uses a LED reflector bulb and some
dimensional changes have been
done to the original to conform to
the bulb length.

Khrysalis Form 4 LED (on left)
Khrysalis Stripe LED (in middle)
Khrysalis Form 3 LED (on right)


Hanging Khrysalis Color Block
light sculptures. Overall length of glass is 17"
with a diameter of 3".
Prices vary by the number of
color blocks in one lamp.From left to right above:

Krysalis #5 (5 color blocks)
Krysalis #3 (3 color blocks)
Krysalis #4 (4 color blocks)

Examples of different combinations
of colors in the Khrysalis series
Left to right:
Form 3 (left)
Multi-striped (center)
Form 4 (right)
4" diameter is $300.

Khrysalis Table Lamp
sculpture/color block
To left is
Khrysalis #3/Table
Khrysalis Large Striped/Table
Khrysalis #5/Table
Khrysalis #4/Table

Small hanging
d-light in clear
frosted resin.
Details same as
small multi-colored
d-light and
same prices.
The d-light table lamp
is 15" high. The shade is
clear frosted translucent resin
and the base is distressed
aluminum. The light source
is recessed in the bas
The d-light table lamp
is 15" high. The shade is
multi-colored translucent
resin and the base is
distressed aluminum.
The light source
is recessed in the base.
The small d-light
hanging lamp is
approximately 20 "
in length. The planes
are proportionate to
the 3" diameter
aluminum can. The
planes are random
in shape and no
two lamps are
the same. The small
d-light is $600
The d-light shown
above is similar to its
partner on the left.
The example
shown above is
displayed in one color
which is seatone resin.
Small d-light (shown)
is $600; large is $750