Wild Flowers is a light sculpture that is an extension of the RE series. It is a table sculpture that uses a Philips LED bulb (it is shipped with the bulb) that enhances the glow of the glass. The Wildflowers are made from sections of wine bottles. The Daisy is the bottom; the Mum is an extended version of the bottle bottom and the Lily is the top/neck.
Each piece is hand-cut, polished and frosted. These are accent works. The price depends on the amount of flowers in the arrangement. The figurative vase is 7 inches high and 4 inches in diameter and made of aluminum with a distressed finish. The light is similiar to a can light. The stems are threaded steel rods with nut bolts. The width of the Wildflowers varies but stay in the 3 inch diameter range. There is an off/on switch on the cord. Everything is made to order and signed.

Jerry Kott

all artwork © jerry kott 2013


Assorted bouquet of nine flowers

Shown are:
3 Daisies
3 Mums
3 Lilies


Detail photo of assorted bouquet


Shown are:
8 Daisies in assorted colors



Shown are:
9 Mums


Detail photo of Mums


Shown are:
10 Lilies in assorted colors



Detail photo of Lilies

Assorted flowers at night